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Welcome to EAC!

The purpose of the Elizabethtown Aquatic Club is to provide an environment and the opportunity for children and youth to participate in a competitive swimming program which encourages and supports personal development. Such an environment allows for those of varying ability and interests to participate and to further allow for success at the highest level of competition possible.

Recognizing that our swimming program needs to change and that as a Club, we must provide greater opportunities for our swimmers, both in training and competition, the Board of Directors and the Coaching Staff of EAC are publishing the EAC program structure below. We are open to suggestions from all members of the Club.

This program will offer basic instruction in the four competitive strokes and associated skills; the program is 100% instructional, swimmers should be able to swim the length of the pool and will be encouraged to compete in both dual meets and invitationals. This program will practice 2 or 3 times per week. The cost is $295.00.

The junior program offers extensive instruction in basic stroke techniques, starts, turns and training. Instructional time constitutes approximately 60% of practice time while training and conditioning take approximately 40%. Swimmers in this level are expected to compete in all dual meets. The practice schedule for the junior program is 5 times a week. The cost is $395.00.

The Senior program offers the more experienced swimmer intensive instruction in advanced stroke techniques and refinement with emphasis in conditioning and training, including the use of a strength training program. The program is approximately 80% conditioning and approximately 20% instruction. Swimmers at this level are expected to compete in dual meets. The practice schedule for the senior level is 6 times a week. The training program for this level includes the opportunity to participate in a strength training program specific to swimming and all swimmers at this level will be encouraged to participate. The cost is $450.00

Coaches will evaluate each swimmer to determine the appropriate participation level. Novice swimmers should be able to swim the length of the pool. There is no minimum age requirement

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