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Posted January calendar here.

Welcome to EAC!

The purpose of the Elizabethtown Aquatic Club is to provide an environment and the opportunity for children and youth to participate in a competitive swimming program which encourages and supports personal development. Such an environment allows for those of varying ability and interests to participate and to further allow for success at the highest level of competition possible.

Recognizing that our swimming program needs to change and that as a Club, we must provide greater opportunities for our swimmers, both in training and competition, the Board of Directors and the Coaching Staff of EAC are publishing the EAC program structure below. We are open to suggestions from all members of the Club.

White Program: Generally are 10 & under swimmers or new swimmers to the program who don't know or have good techniques in the four competitive strokes and turns. This level will be 90~100% technique with progression to more training depending on the progression of the swimmers or groups. We give this group the building blocks to be successful. This program will practice 2 or 3 times per week. The cost is $305.00.

Blue Program: Generally 9-12 year old swimmers who have mastered the four competitive strokes and turns legally. They can be younger but need the coach’s approval to be here and can be older if they are not ready for the Green level. This level will be anywhere from 60-80% technique with 20 -40% training depending on where the groups or individuals are in there progression or abilities. The practice schedule for the junior program is 5 times a week. The cost is $410.00.

Green program: This group is 13 & older who have mastered all four strokes and turns and have shown a self-motivation and good work ethic. As in the Blue group can be younger than 13 with coaches approval and also be 13 or older and not ready for the intensity of this group. Will have 3 days of dryland available to this group but is not required. The cost is $465.00. Dryland is three days a week during Blue practice but is not required. Not a babysitting service.

Coaches will evaluate each swimmer to determine the appropriate participation level. Novice swimmers should be able to swim the length of the pool. There is no minimum age requirement

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